Valley Leadership’s Explore Program Goes to Buckeye

May 18, 2022

Buckeye was once considered a rural, farmland community and is now one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. With its population growing nearly 80% in the last decade to reach more than 91,000, such rapid growth raises issues related to housing, infrastructure, water, and the way a city plans for and accommodates a growing population. We started our day in Buckeye speaking with Mayor Eric Orsborne and former Mayor Jackie Meck about the vision for the future of Buckeye’s 640 square miles of land.

We then transitioned to the Buckeye Chamber of Commerce to learn from local business owner, Sophia Martinez, about why she chose to set down roots in Buckeye’s downtown despite the challenges. Aaron Cheatham of Hickman’s Farms shared details of the high impact reentry program that was created to provide paid work to inmates and housing and transition services once they enter back into society. 

The group endured the heat in the second half of our day as we toured Grand View Dairy to learn from Nick Vanderway and Bales Hay Farm to learn from Trevor Bales and his experience as a sixth generation farmer in Buckeye. We ended our day at the Verrado Fire Station and learned from Economic Development Manager, Suzie Boyles, and from Seema Phull, COO of Kore Power. We wrapped up with some insight into how Buckeye is making conscious choices around preserving the environment with Les Meyers from the White Tank Mountain Conservancy.

For more photos, please visit our Facebook album.

Special thanks to all of our community partners who made the trip such an incredible experience.

Nick VanderwayGrand View Dairy Farms
Sophia MartinezScrews & Sparkles Owner
Suzie BoylesBuckeye Economic Development Manager
Mayor Jackie MeckFormer Mayor of Buckeye
Christine GrundyAssistant to the Mayor
Mayor Eric OrsbornMayor of Buckeye
Les MeyersExecutive Director of White Tank Mountains Conservancy
Aaron CheathamHickman Farms
Steven BalesBales Hay Farm
Steven BebeeBuckeye Union High School Superintendent
Seema PhullCOO Kore Power
Deanna KupcikBuckeye Chamber of Commerce

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