Leadership Development

Leadership is what fuels change. Valley Leadership fuels leaders in Arizona. We take people on a journey that expands their perspectives and networks. Our leaders explore the issues facing our community, meet people working on those frontlines, build skills to be more effective leaders and connect with fellow Arizonans who are passionate about making a difference. In addition to walking away with new connections, experiences and skills, we help you craft a plan so that you’re ready to go make a difference in a way that is most meaningful and authentic to you.

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Catalyze sets up Arizonans to take action in the community. Participants grow their connections, learn from industry leaders and explore their leadership style with their peers. 


Explore takes people out of their community and comfort zone to get to know the great diversity of Arizona and how our most pressing issues show up in different communities.


Summit is our most flexible program that helps leaders deepen their understanding of an issue that has tremendous impact on our state and its residents. 

How we lead – and how we empower others – is rooted in our values.

We believe the most effective leaders operate with integrity, a team mindset and build trust. And when they do, it creates actions – being driven to do – that put the needs of Arizona first. That’s why our Principles of Doing are embedded in all of our training and development opportunities. 

We are committed to empowering a broad spectrum of Arizonans to lead.

With every class, inclusion and increasing representation among people who may have traditionally been overlooked for leadership roles is our priority. It is with that commitment that we are working to strengthen and build partnerships to connect more Arizonans to our training and development opportunities. While we ask participants to commit to investing time, we never want cost to be a barrier. Scholarships and/or wage replacement may be available, and you can make that request as part of your application.

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