Explore takes people out of their community – and their comfort zone – to get to know the great diversity of the state and how our most pressing issues show up in rural, urban, suburban and Native communities. Participants will expand their perspective, knowledge of the issues and have the time and space to forge strong relationships and build connections in all corners of the state. 

Applications for Explore Class 2 have closed.

About Explore:

Explore is for VL alumni who are interested in growing their perspectives of how our most pressing issues vary across Arizona. Explore Class 2 destinations include Yuma, Nogales, South Phoenix, Mesa, Buckeye and Navajo Nation.

We are committed to empowering a broad spectrum of Arizonans to lead. With every class, inclusion and increasing representation among people who may have traditionally been overlooked for leadership roles is our priority.

It is with that commitment that we are working to strengthen and build partnerships to connect more Arizonans to our training and development opportunities. While we ask participants to commit to investing time, we never want cost to be a barrier. Scholarships and/or wage replacement may be available, and you can make that request as part of your application.  

A note on coronavirus and programming:  All program dates will be held in accordance with CDC, state and local guidelines and regulations.  

Program Info

Program Dates

March – June 2023


Tuition is based on a personal income sliding scale: $500-$2,350

Corporate sponsored
participants: $3,000


Applications for Explore Class 2 have closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore is for VL alumni who are interested in growing their perspective of the state and how issues play out across Arizona. Not a VL alum? Apply to be part of Catalyze and start your leadership journey with us.

Explore is made up of six sessions that will take you to rural, border, suburban, exurban and Native lands, and will be bookended by a prep session and a reflection session.

Each session is thoughtfully designed to highlight the assets of and opportunities within these communities, as identified by the people who live and work there. The opening retreat will be all about how we prepare to get the most out of our experiences in these new communities, and the final session will be focused on reflecting, assessing and deepening our understanding of our experiences through shared dialogue and discussion.

The trip will have a 60-minute virtual pre-session the evening before we travel. The overnight commitments and days off work vary throughout the program, but the dates have been intentionally chosen to avoid holidays and other potential scheduling conflicts. We also have ensured that there is sufficient time between overnight experiences.

Below is the Class 2 program agenda:

  • March 25: Retreat & Kickoff (no overnight)
  • April 7-8: Yuma (one overnight)
  • April 28-29: Nogales (one overnight)
  • May 11: South Phoenix (no overnight)
  • May 12: Mesa (no overnight)
  • May 13: Buckeye (no overnight)
  • June 1-3: Navajo Nation (two overnights)
  • June 17: Retreat & Debrief (no overnight)

For those paying for the program individually, tuition is based on a personal income sliding scale.

  • $500 for individuals with an income of $26,500 or less, or families with an income of $53,000 or less.
  • $750 for individuals with an income of $26,501-$53,000 or families with an income of $53,001-$106,000.
  • $1,250 for individuals with an income of $53,001-$159,000 or $1,500 families with an income of $106,001-$318,000.
  • $1,750 for individuals with an income of $159,001+ or $2,350 family households with an income of $318,000+

For individuals sponsored by their company to participate in the program tuition is: $3,000 

While we ask participants to invest their time, we never want cost to be a barrier. Scholarships and/or wage replacement may be available, and you can make that request as part of your application.  

The program was created to provide a thoughtful experience exploring multiple perspectives of life in Arizona. If you know ahead of time that you will be unable to commit to any of the dates, including the 1-hour prep sessions the night before a trip, we strongly encourage you to consider applying the following year or looking at another leadership development opportunity with VL.

The program dates will fall on two Thursdays, four Fridays and six Saturdays. You will need to ensure that you have these days free from other obligations.

The program includes four overnights, one in Yuma, one in Nogales and two in Navajo Nation. All hotel accommodations will be arranged ahead of time for participants. Participants will be paired for accommodations or can request their own room for an additional fee. 

Travel to and from destinations may include group travel, individual travel and carpooling, to be determined. VL will help arrange travel logistics among participants.

Each location will offer a place-based experience driven by the leaders within those communities, getting insight into the culture, economy and community assets of a place. The topics that are covered have been identified by the leaders we are learning from, but can all be tied back to the Vitalyst Health Foundation’s Elements of a Health Community and VL’s Principles of Doing. Participants can expect to learn from local leaders, participate in tours of community programs and organizations, engage in hands-on experiences and join in social opportunities throughout their travels.

Complete our online application to apply today.

We encourage you to register for an information session to learn more about our upcoming program. It is important for participants of to have a strong foundation in the issues facing Arizona and the Principles of Doing, so all applicants must be alumni of a VL program.

All applications will be reviewed by our staff and board. All applicants will be contacted by the end of December with information about the next steps.

Valley Leadership offers an opportunity for you to have new experiences and make new connections that help you grow. Increased self-awareness, perspective and community knowledge and connections are invaluable in any workplace. As you’re getting ready to ask your employer about a VL opportunity, be sure share with them how you’ll use these additional skills to support your organization.  

Explore in particular can benefit anyone whose work requires them to work across Arizona and stay connected to the latest happenings around the state.

Valley Leadership values the communities and partners that we are fortunate to work with, and the alumni and program participants that we serve. It is our priority to ensure the safety and comfort of all individuals who engage with our programming, and we may activate a COVID policy based on CDC guidelines and the community’s level of comfort.

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