Valley Leadership Adopts Two-Year Strategic Plan with Evolved Mission and Vision

March 5, 2018
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The Valley Leadership (VL) board of directors officially adopted a two-year strategic plan designed to develop and build Valley Leadership for the future. The plan aligns the organization’s programming, operations and governance systems to act together for intentional impact on issues facing Arizona. The evolved mission, vision and values statements focus on mobilizing, leveraging and empowering a broad spectrum of leaders across the state in order to address our most pressing concerns.

“The time for transformation is now,” says Dave Brown, VL CEO. “During the planning process, it became clear that we were underutilizing our greatest asset, the VL network of nearly 3,000 alumni. This plan outlines a clear, strategic way to leverage, mobilize and empower our network and partners to do more.”

See VL’s evolved mission, vision and values

The strategy includes what VL is calling an Issues-Based Impact Maker model that will move alumni and partners to impact. The model leverages and mobilizes the organization’s key stakeholders—including alumni, current class participants, partners and stakeholders—to have deeper impact on timely and relevant issues.

“Now in its 40th year, Valley Leadership has enjoyed a long legacy of impact,” says Sarah Krahenbuhl, VL board chair. “This plan builds on that history, evolving the organization to be uniquely positioned to effect change where it is most needed in our state. The board and staff worked tirelessly on developing a plan that will meet the needs of our evolving community.”

The board and staff reached out to nearly 100 community leaders, conducted alumni and stakeholder surveys, facilitated two dedicated planning retreats and hosted several meetings and task groups to arrive at this plan, which will take the organization through June 2020.

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