Principles of Doing

Valley Leadership is cultivating leadership in a way that we feel will bring about meaningful impact on Arizona’s most pressing issues. Our “Principles of Doing” will guide all of our work as we fuel leadership that prioritizes impact.


Driven to Do

Leadership is setting the example on doing: starting with the outcome in mind and working together to get there. Always be ready to do something. Focus on what can be done now, big or small.

Arizona First

Leadership is approaching issues from a standpoint of what is best for Arizona, not what is best for a political party, individual ambition or self-interest.

Building Trust

Leadership is taking pride in building a culture that fosters relationships, trust and civility in order to find common ground. Be open to compromise and willing to listen to other points of view. Mutually respect one another. Have the conversation at the table.

Team Mindset

Leadership is caring more about getting things done than who gets the credit.


Leadership is engaging other perspectives with respect and rigor, taking responsibility for one’s own beliefs, actions and biases and giving others the space to do the same. Value information, facts and critical thinking. Examine your own biases when challenged (you may not always be right).

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