Natalie Morrow Joins Valley Leadership

May 28, 2024
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We are thrilled to introduce Natalie, the newest member of the Valley Leadership team! Natalie just graduated with a degree in Urban Planning from Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College in the Spring of 2024 and has a rich background in graphic design and communications.

In her free time, she enjoys painting, listening to music, and connecting with friends. Born and raised in Arizona, Natalie is passionate about promoting sustainable housing policies in our great state.

VL: Can you tell the Valley Leadership community a little about yourself?

NM: I am an Urban Planning student currently attending Arizona State University’s Honors college. I am working towards my GIS certificate and am excited to graduate in Spring of 2024. When I am not working or attending school, I am painting, listening to music, and talking with friends. I was born and raised in Arizona, specifically in Scottsdale and Chandler. With my background in graphic design at Foster Futures Together and Adams Edge Marketing as well as my background in communications at ASU housing, I hope to bring my skill of presenting complex information in an efficient manner to VL’s Impact Maker team.

VL: What is a goal you hope to accomplish through your role as the Impact Maker Intern at VL?

NM: I hope to do my part in promoting housing policies that will help Arizonans. This includes looking to promote affordable housing, increase walkability, and mitigate the effects of extreme heat. I believe these issues most impact Arizonans day-to-day lives and by working at VL I can already see how we are working towards these goals.

VL: What pressing issue in Arizona are you most excited to address?

NM: I am most interested in addressing the effects of suburban sprawl. As someone who grew up in suburbia, I found that those without the ability to drive were very easily isolated from community, work, and even food. This is true of most suburban communities; however, the effects of this are much worse in Arizona where the heat can be extremely debilitating. I believe by promoting policies at VL that contribute to density with preservation of greenspace, increase of public transportation options, and mixed-zoning we can create an Arizona that is more accessible and enjoyable to all.

VL: What Principle of Doing do you resonate with most right now?

NM: As the new team member at VL, I find that the Principle of Doing I resonate the most with at the moment is Driven to Do. I am just getting started working and am excited to contribute as much as I can.

VL: What do you love most about living, working, and playing in Arizona?

NM: My favorite aspect of living, working, and playing in Arizona is the unique culture we have. Our position along the border creates a beautiful diaspora within each aspect of Arizona culture, especially our food, music, and art. We have such a unique music scene with great community areas such as the soon to close down venue, Trunk Space, that I hope to be a part of preserving here at Valley Leadership.

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