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Other than my parents, Valley Leadership class IX was the catalyst to give more of my time and resources to those less fortunate. In doing so, it created the most joyful and extraordinary experiences of my life.
Ellie Ziegler Class 9 2014 Woman of the Year

I always say that I’m happy to have a glass, but truth be told, my glass runneth over in regards to my experience with the Valley Leadership staff, alumni leaders, and now as a member of Valley Leadership’s Class 36. 
Gary Trujillo Class 36 2014 Man of the Year

Brilliant program. Profound realizations. Amazing new friendships. Endless respect and admiration for all who participated and facilitated. I’m truly excited for the next 10 months.
André St Pierre Class 36

Valley Leadership brings a diverse group of leaders together with a common goal of improving the community. As an elected official during my time with VL35, I truly appreciated meeting, working with and expanding my network with so many industry experts from various fields who are passionate about serving in the valley and the state.
Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela Class 35

Valley Leadership gave me an opportunity to gain a broader perspective on how our valley and state works — a perspective that was useful to me personally and as a candidate for public office. I did Valley Leadership eight years after having been in office. This program provides value at any level of experience.
Rep. Ken Clark Class 33

Valley Leadership was a superb education preparing me for a future in policy development. Leadership was demonstrated at every program day by the people who were making things happen in our Valley…The network created by Valley Leadership is the best in the State of Arizona. VL alums supported my campaigns and my time in office. Certainly there are different philosophies and political views in Valley Leadership, but the ability to safely discuss differences with trusted people helps a candidate or an elected official to explore alternatives, craft positions and make better decisions.
Former Secretary of State Betsey Bayless Class 6

The Valley Leadership network has helped me succeed both as a candidate and as a city councilwoman. I met my campaign attorney, many of my policy advisors, and my chief-of-staff through Valley Leadership. I even get to serve with one my Class 28 colleagues, Bill Gates.
Councilwoman Kate Gallego Class 28

The power of the primary experience was the Valley Leadership value added.
Touring, assisting and meeting organizations and their leaders prepares one to lead. This valley-wide intimate context can uniquely be gained through active VL and alum activities.
Former Mayor Sam Campana Class 5

Valley Leadership was a solidifying experience. It helped me hone my leadership abilities, further connect with our community and generate new ideas and tools on effective ways to lead.
Mayor Greg Stanton Class 19

I would encourage nonprofits to become involved in LeaderLink to obtain possible board member prospects. This system matches the applicant’s preferred sectors of involvement in and electronically lets the nonprofit know there may be a match. We reached out to several over the year and one went through our nomination process and joined our board in August 2016. I highly recommend nonprofits take the time to view the applications received and move forward on those that may be a good fit for the organization.
Pam Gaber CEO and Founder, Gabriel’s Angels

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