Valley Leadership, Arizona’s premier leadership development organization, empowers individuals to strengthen and transform our community by delivering high-quality, multigenerational programming.


Thanks to your unwavering support, another successful year at Valley Leadership has passed. Your investment into our mission accelerates efforts to create quality multigenerational leadership programming that produces a profound and life-long impact on our growing alumni base and our community.

This year, VL focused on expanding our impact to meet the need for more high-quality leadership programming. In its inaugural year, 35 members graduated from our new Valley Leadership Advance (VLA) program aimed at high-potential leaders. VLA participants joined our alumni ranks along with 57 new graduates of our flagship program, Valley Leadership Institute, and more than a dozen high school students from Valley Leadership Youth.

Our expansion continued with the introduction of new tools and resources, including the opening of the Alumni Home Base and the facilitation of Emergenetics beyond the VLI Classroom.

Hundreds of community members filled the Frank Lloyd Wright Ballroom at the Arizona Biltmore to honor Dr. Michael Crow and Mrs. Elva Coor as Man & Woman of the Year. Their transformational and servant leadership is an inspiration to us all who strive to do more and be more for our great State.

VL’s future is bright. We are committed to continuing our legacy of impact by providing the skills and connections for civic-minded citizens to advance their passions and accelerate their pursuits while giving back to Arizona in deep and meaningful ways. Our broad spectrum of programming is made possible by your support. We welcome you on our journey as we continue to cultivate agents of change!

- Christy Moore, President & CEO




2015 – 2016:


2015 – 2016


Valley Leadership Institute

VL’s alumni base welcomed 57 new members in June, after this diverse group of leaders graduated from our flagship program, VLI. The “Most Caring Class Ever!” took great care of our community and each other during their nine-month journey, and are committed to keeping their special connection strong for decades to come!

Valley Leadership Advance

VL introduced a new, experiential learning program aimed at high-potential leaders who are new to Arizona or new to civic engagement. 35 leaders participated in the inaugural year, which provided an orientation to Arizona, connection to civic leadership opportunities and tactical leadership skills.

Valley Leadership Youth

More than a dozen youth learned about the importance of philanthropy and Arizona’s nonprofit landscape. Through a thoughtful process guided by VLI alumni, the youth awarded thousands of dollars to local charities.

Man & Woman of the Year

Dr. Michael Crow and Mrs. Elva Coor were honored as Man & Woman of the Year at VL’s 67th Annual Luncheon. Nearly 1,000 people joined the celebration, which netted the most revenue in VL’s history.


Emergenetics is a tool used in the VLI curriculum that helps Class members understand each other and advance their collaboration. After a rigorous certification process, VL now provides this tool to people beyond the VLI Classroom.

Alumni Home Base

Thanks to the generosity of Ellie & Michael Ziegler, Elontec, PWP Capital and so many others, VL moved its headquarters. Our new Alumni Home Base was designed with you in mind. It’s the perfect space for connecting with VL and its alumni.


Establish and consistently deliver the VL experience of excellence.
Ensure consistency, high quality, and innovation in every program VL delivers.

Expand revenue though innovative fundraising .
Develop new revenue streams, better understand our donors, and create win-win opportunities for our sponsors.

Be the premier leadership development program in the Valley.
Convene leaders around common issues that strengthen and transform our communities, actively gain and maintain top talent for Arizona, and protect our State’s brand.


Dr. David Bolman
Board Chair
University of Advancing Technology

As I sift through local media stories, a hard-to-miss theme is the volume of locally grown ideas that have made their way into becoming realized opportunities. Tales of the development of our urban core that are intrinsically tied to the emergence and impact of the light rail, inventive social programs rooted in a caring web of passionate non-profits, and the development of a small business and technology ecosphere with a growth rate that is among the steepest in the country. The greater Phoenix area is emerging as a model that the remainder of the country is appreciating.

There are many, many moving parts and people with a hand in these success stories. The mental image that I have looks like a glowing mesh of interconnected lines that is complex, always in motion, and has attached to each connective line these simple, yet potent, pair of letters: VL

This may sound farfetched, but in truth it isn't. Attached to just about every project that makes our community a thing of pride are one or more of the 1,800 graduates of Valley Leadership Institute. As a result of the enabling training, perspectives, and connections that are provided by Valley Leadership programs, they (you) have visualized needs and possibilities and woven bright solutions.

The results coming from 37 years of Valley Leadership Institute’s graduates involving themselves within the community is unmissable. Some examples include projects aimed at state law that waives state tuition for young adults growing up within the foster community; increasing the amount of Public School Tax Credit donations by 150%, or $4 million dollars, within a 12-month period; helping sick children understand their medical condition and care by designing a mobile application that explains their condition and treatment in simple ways that they can understand; and representation within all levels of Arizona government and leadership roles across the organizations that make up the Arizona community. This is only the thinnest sample of the impact of Valley Leadership.

Looking ahead it will be even greater.

I am both hopeful and enthusiastic about what will come as the emerging and future leaders whose passions and pursuits are honed through exposure to Valley Leadership's Leadership Advance and Youth in Philanthropy programs come into their own alongside the alumni of VL's flagship Leadership Institute, the Valley Leadership Institute.

Every time that I step back to take in what has grown in this city over such a short period, I see the living passion and commitment of Valley Leadership's alumni. In the truest way that I know, thank you for all that you have invested into Valley Leadership. The thoughts, energy, money, resources, and care that you provide are the engine that allows our organization to be a conduit that allows passions and pursuits to be translated into all parts of our community. The downstream of what you provide is that today’s greater Phoenix meets the wishes of our past and that our future will be that much better for everyone who discovers this sparkling community.

Board of Directors

Dr. David Bolman
Board Chair
University of Advancing Technology

Katie Campana
Wells Fargo

Meghan Cox
Lincoln Strategy Group

Gregory Ensell
Past Board Chair
Cox Communications

Joyce Medina Harper
Dougherty Foundation

Molly Kimball
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Hans-Dieter S. Klose
Klose Companies

Sarah Krahenbuhl
Phoenix Suns Charities

Michelle McGinty
DRA Collective

Tivon Moffitt
Colliers International

Andrea Moreno

Tina Marie Tentori

Jenny Holsman Tetreault
Vice Chair
US Foods

Anthony Valencia
Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.

Chad Welborn
CopperPoint Insurance Companies

CEO Advisory Circle

Rebecca Berch
Arizona Supreme Court

Steve Chucri
Arizona Restaurant Association

Michael Crow
Arizona State Universityp

Derrick Hall
Arizona Diamondbacks

Sharon Harper
Plaza Companies

Edmundo Hidalgo
Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.

Eileen Klein
Arizona Board of Regents

Paul Luna
Helios Education Foundation

Ed Zuercher
City of Phoenix

Don Henninger
CEO Advisory Circle Facilitator


Christy Moore
President & CEO

Linda Finecey
Program Manager

Sophia Mayberry
Program Manager

Tye Harrison
Office Coordinator

Special Thanks to our

sponsors and dues-paying members.

Thanks to your generosity and support this past year, Valley Leadership continued to inspire youth, high-potential, and proven leaders to do more and be more for the betterment of our amAZing State.

Keep #LeadingAZ Alumni!

- The VL Team