Leadership Lessons

Michelli Castañeda

Three Commitments to Make this Year

January compels us to make commitments. And, as someone who spends a lot of time thinking about leadership development, I’m coming to realize that commitment is truly the core of adaptive leadership. Commitment is the through line that connects the pillars of adaptive leadership and transforms them into a roadmap that all of us can follow.

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Dave Brown

How Is a River Formed?

I keep thinking about a proverb that Jack McCain learned when he was in Afghanistan: drop by drop, a river is made. He acknowledged, as so many of us have, that change can take time, but those small changes add up. Our Impact Maker teams work on big, challenging issues that can mean rethinking how our systems are made – and they’ve been busy in these last few months. Drop by drop, they’re having impact and making progress.

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Valley Leadership

Valley Leadership Institute Class 37 Community Impact

Class 37 of the Leadership Institute, Valley Leadership’s flagship program, completed its program year on June 4, after presenting the results of collaborative group work benefiting Arizona communities. Through high-quality education, unprecedented access, and an innovative network, Valley Leadership goes beyond traditional leadership programs by empowering youth, high-potential and proven leaders to advance their passions and accelerate their pursuits.

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