Amy Fitzgerald – 01/03/2017

Valley Leadership Class of 37
Type of News Listing: Job

The Arizona Technology Council Foundation is seeking a full-time Director for Business & Community Partnerships to nurture the growing need to connect Arizona’s Chief Science Officers (CSOs) with the community. The CSOs program is the first of its kind where a 6th to 12th grade student is ELECTED by his/her peers to be their school’s liaison for STEM and innovation. The CSO becomes part of a cadre of student leaders who experience special leadership training, impact STEM opportunities at their school and local community, and work as a collective cabinet to give input to adult STEM leaders in the state or region. Key responsibilities of this position will include collaborating with CSOs, the Arizona Technology Council Foundation team, and Regional Collaborators to engage business and community partners with CSO schools, community events and opportunities for sponsorship.

Interested candidates: please email for more info

Article by: Valley Leadership